5 Simple Tips for fitness success. 

Nowadays day by day increase lots of junk foods and drinks no time to keep health care and fitness every one busy in daily life but you have to take time for fitness everyday have to do 1 hour yoga or exercise and avoid unhealthy foods 


1. Avoid Junk foods & sweet drinks.
Everyone like eat fast food because very taste but No one wanna avoid it junk food & cold drinks  - Pizza, Burger, oily food etc. Junk food very bad for gain weight and heart. if you wanna eat fast food so you have to fix target is every weakened one day will having junk food like Saturday or Sunday Not Much More. 
2. Daily Exercise.
if you wanna become fit & fine always and grow up with success happy lifestyle and wanna look smart so you have to quit laziness and start daily exercise only 30 Minutes or 1 hour fix time when you wanna do exercise. exercise very important for health just like you need food,water,enjoyment etc same exercise is also very important for be active and healthy because exercises boost your confidence to achieve your goal with happy health lifestyle. 
3. Proper Sleep 
Nowadays grow technology day by day smart phone games online movies lots of people are busy with entertainment mostly youngest people chatting with friends play games and watching movies late night no proper sleep if you sleep late night then wake up late no time to take proper healthy breakfast & exercise. so you need to proper sleeping on time to time.
4. keep Track of calories & Good Diet.
Always Track of how many calories you eat per day and make good fix daily time table when you need to take food with good diet try to avoid junk food because junk food main reason of gain body weight and very Difficult to lose weight if you wanna be health and look smart so you have to take good diet good fruits. 
5.Be Active & Motivated 
Fitness very Important for live happy life with family always be active and be motivate your self every success people biggest reason they always think proper about health and fix daily routine and always follow routine very days and always be Motivate him self and others so now you can also do that be active and be Motivate 

13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap
Always care about health & future achieve goals do handwork with smart skills be
busy in life no rest. Healthy lifestyle enjoy with wealth
if you always be healthy you happy and your family happy so take healthy food
avoid unhealthy food only 1 days can have junk food a week you have to motivate himself
watch Good Motivation videos,Movies and fitness video read Books
play out door game participate
out door activities. you always see Movies Actor and Actress be active and healthy even
they are 52 above how? just because daily life routine they only having good diet,
fruits, dry fruits and daily exercise and yoga that's why they look like young ever
if you really wanna be active and healthy then start now
live fun life make list of foods what should eat or not quit bad hobbies
join gym or yoga classes regular.

Nowadays increase hair fall problems increase day by day very difficult to keep care hair falls what should do? 

some Points fix your Hair Fall Problems 

Quit, Use Mobile or Laptop Late Night if you wanna use do important work & watch Movies so wear protection Specs Because use late night mobile & laptop screen light bad for eyes and bad impact with the brain and headache week brain reason of hair fall.

Quit Smoking & Junk Food cold drinks you can take only weekend and parties not regular Junk food & cold drinks bad for stomach & digestive system and week Metabolism rate and day by day weight gain Problems (How to Weight Lose?) & start Hair fall problems. 

Drink More water, Sleep well & eat salads Green vegetables, Amla Juice is best for hairs , Dry Fruits, Green Coffee,Green Tea and do exercise, Running & Yoga Daily.


How to weight loss ?

gcb natural 16.jpg

Very Difficult to loss weight nowadays because day by day increases unhealthy & Undigested foods like - Pizza, Burgur, Chow mein etc and people having it lots and this junk foods gain weight and calories and people don't try to these foods and have not time to workout,running & yoga this is the main reason of gain weight. Very difficult loss weight when your weight is above 75 to 90 because the body metabolism has been very week, that's why you not able to loss your weight you have to avoid junk food little bits have to make a time table of eat foods and only 1 day of the week when you want to enjoy your favorite foods every day and having healthy foods and daily workout.​

what should eat for weight lose?

  • Take 2 Glass Luke warm water after wake up.

  • 1 Bowl Salad ( Cucumber, Carrot, up beet)

  • Drink 3 liter water a day

  • try to done your dinner 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM Very best if before sunset. (because body stop burn calories after 7 PM) 

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Ashok saini   -   Rakesh saini
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